We had to Say goodbye to Satin, our beloved clinic cat after 15 years.  She was special from day one because she was born in our clinic to a rare calico male cat called Pete.  Dr. Basrur, a genetisist from the Ontario Veterinary College was having us do a trial breeding with Pete to confirm that he was a fertile male calico.  Satin was born February 23, 2000 and was one of four beautiful kittens.  She was a dilute calico, short haired cat with emerald green eyes.  She was adopted out twice to homes and came back to us before she was spayed.  She then spent a year with a black suitor Krinkle at which time she decided she was not going to be a mother cat.  We spayed her and promoted her to clinic cat.

She was the best clinic cat we have had and we were all heartbroken to lose her at the age of 15 1/2 years.  We will always remember her when we are folding papers for kennels or working on the computer with the mouse.  She would always remind us when it was 5 pm and feeding time and was the best at faking that she hadn’t been fed to get a second supper!!!!  She would tease dogs in kennels who loved to chase cats by grooming herself right in fromt of their cage.  She did need to earn her keep occasionally by being a demo cat for nail trims, pilling, and how to inject insulin for diabetic cats (it wasn’t really insulin).  As she aged, she needed help keeping her ears clean and healthy and we always had fun wrestling with her!

Thanks to all the staff for their help and patience keeping Satin looking beautiful.  She was the most awesome client greeter, laying on the front counter, soaking up the loving pets that her fans had for her.  It will be very hard for us to find another cat that will be so loved and adored by everyone who meets them.  She was always willing to be hugged by heartbroken clients and co-workers.

We all consider ourselves lucky to have been able to share our work hours with Satin.  She made each day a little easier by greeting us with that wonderful furry little face, bright green eyes and her cherised antics!

Good bye dear friend!