On behalf of our staff here at Caledonia Veterinary Clinic, we are honoured to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.

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Clinic Cat


We had to Say goodbye to Satin, our beloved clinic cat after 15 years.  She was special from day one because she was born in our clinic to a rare calico male cat called Pete.  Dr. Basrur, a genetisist from the Ontario Veterinary College was having us do a trial breeding with Pete to confirm that he was a fertile male calico.  Satin was born February 23, 2000 and was one of four beautiful kittens.  She was a dilute calico, short haired cat with emerald green eyes.  She was adopted out twice to homes and came back to us before she was spayed.  She then spent a year with a black suitor Krinkle at which time she decided she was not going to be a mother cat.  We spayed her and promoted her to clinic cat.

She was the best clinic cat we have had and we were all heartbroken to lose her at the age of 15 1/2 years.  We will always remember her when we are folding papers for kennels or working on the computer with the mouse.  She would always remind us when it was 5 pm and feeding time and was the best at faking that she hadn’t been fed to get a second supper!!!!  She would tease dogs in kennels who loved to chase cats by grooming herself right in fromt of their cage.  She did need to earn her keep occasionally by being a demo cat for nail trims, pilling, and how to inject insulin for diabetic cats (it wasn’t really insulin).  As she aged, she needed help keeping her ears clean and healthy and we always had fun wrestling with her!

Thanks to all the staff for their help and patience keeping Satin looking beautiful.  She was the most awesome client greeter, laying on the front counter, soaking up the loving pets that her fans had for her.  It will be very hard for us to find another cat that will be so loved and adored by everyone who meets them.  She was always willing to be hugged by heartbroken clients and co-workers.

We all consider ourselves lucky to have been able to share our work hours with Satin.  She made each day a little easier by greeting us with that wonderful furry little face, bright green eyes and her cherished antics!

“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a pet makes you rich.” 
–Louis Sabin


Darwin 2Darwin 3Darwin

“If ever a dog could appear to be selfless, Darwin could do just that.  He had such a laid-back personality, always waiting his turn quietly for attention.

He never played with toys.
He never liked my camera.


But he always liked attention… and of course food!


He had a calmness about him always, so when he got excited, you knew he was truly happy.  I truly believed he had the nine lives of a cat, for all he had endured.  I also knew that one day they’d run out.


He is so missed.”

“The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.” 
– Konrad Lorenz





Buddy Kitchen

Buddy born June 3, 2002 – Oct 13, 2015 
Simply, Love of Life. No greater gift have we ever had. Don’t regret a minute. He loved every minute of his life. Loved everything. Could never be hugged and kissed enough ever!!! He was the king of the castle and ruled the house and Magoo was happy to let him do this. His favourite place to visit was the Caledonia Veterinary Clinic believe it or not! We will just love him forever and ever. 
-Debbie and Ray Kitchen


“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us. “

–Helen Keller


Magoo Kitch Magoo Kitchen

Magoo Born July 5, 2003 – Sept 13, 2015 
Magoo was nicknamed the “duracell battery.” Nothing stopped him and nothing got him down. He worshipped his brother Buddy and was happy to let him shine as long as he could be with him. He was also the “love of life” and the most beautiful boy you can ever dream of loving. He loved everyone!!! There was no where in the house you could be that he was not with you. We will miss him forever more. 
-Debbie and Ray Kitchen




Eillie-Belly Penny (June 6, 2014-May 31, 2016) 

We didn’t want another dog but were intrigued by a sign that read St Bernard Golden Retriever cross for sale (AKA Golden Saint). It was love at first sight. So Ellie became our new baby.
Chester our elder cat passed away about 2 month later so this new little piece of mischief helped to fill the void. Abbey, our 6 year old Golden reluctantly accepted Ellie’s dominance but also put her in her place when needed. They became great friends loving, playing and fighting. In December we brought home our kitten Oliver and Ellie loved him to so much. They often were found cuddled up together sleeping. She was truly a gentle giant. On a typical day in May at the park, Abbey was looking for squirrels and Ellie was playing ball. While playing ball Ellie laid down and took her last breath. She was only 1 year (359 days old). Her ashes were brought home on June 6th, 2016, her 2nd birthday. Her behavior was normal that day. She sat on my lap (she always thought she was a lap dog) I rubbed her up, hugged her as I usually do and sent her on her way with Abbey. She was not sick, it was not a hot night, she was not overexerting herself, she ate nothing unusual. So why? We will never know. All I know is that Ellie was a gift. Don’t get me wrong all our pets have been and are very special but Ellie was pure “joy”. We only had her for a short while but she had a huge but calming presence. All I do know is, she passed away doing what she loved and did not suffer. When I look at her urn I feel great joy and also sadness that I was not there for her last breath to tell her how much she was loved. My other pets, Digger, Molly and Chester I was there for them and had this opportunity.

So, in the little time we had together I know Ellie loved: her family especially Alexander, her house, hugs, swimming at Long Point with Abbey, car rides, stealing cat food, meeting people, talking like Chewbacca, belly rubs, chin rubs, bed time kisses on her eyes and nose, waiting for everyone to be home, chew sticks, stuffed animals, her bed, barking especially at strangers, pillows, walking with Ellie at LaFortune Park, looking like a cartoon character, Momma hugs and kisses, birds, hording all the dog toys, jumping in the pool with Abbey, snow, looking like a princess, being curious about “everything”, guarding her home, her kitten Oliver and especially playing ball at the park.

Ellie–it was our infinity.



hard at work in machine with Steve

hard at work in machine with Steve

ready and willing to work each day

ready and willing to work each day

well loved

well loved







Jack was something special as a pup. He loved going to the boat, he would know when we were close to Port Dover. Jack would get excited about anything motorized; he wanted to ride the lawn tractor and ski-doo.
Jack would come to work occasionally, but for the past 6 years it was every day. He was the construction crew’s mascot. Everyone that would see him in the machine would say “they had never seen a dog in a machine before” and I would reply “neither have I”. Jack enjoyed coffee breaks and lunch time. He was one of a kind and is missed by everyone.


Midas was a sweet little boy with the typical pekingese personality.
Always the first for rubs and loving from us humans.
Even if that meant a nip at his fur brother Zen.
Unfortunately he had back issues so he was use to being in our arms and being carried. That’s where he thought he should be and where he belonged.
He particularly loved to cuddle with mom when she would have a nap on the sofa.
Boy could Midas ever snore.
Every morning at 7am Midas would wake the whole house with his bark telling us it was time to wake. We didn’t need an alarm clock. He was like clock work.
We definitely miss him. Gone too soon. We love you Mighty Man!



westie dog
“This is our dog who was a loved member of our family. She will be missed for her sass and spunkiness. Thank you for taking care of our baby and making her at peace. 
Love Chelsea, Tyler, Eileen, Richard, Bryanne, Tiffany, and rest of family.




kiko the dogKiko the dog 1

Thank you to all the staff for everything. We are happy to have him home again. He will always be a part of the Ribau family

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a beloved pet that has passed, please visit the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust link https://ovc.uoguelph.ca/pettrust/ 
OVC Pet Trust is committed to raise money to benefit the health and well being of all our companion animals. Working closely with the Ontario Veterinary College and generous people like you, we ensure that all our pets get the very best healthcare there is. Together we can make a difference and become the voice of pets everywhere that need our help. On behalf of all our pets… 
THANK YOU! (OVC Pet Trust, 2015)




In loving memory of Jasper

In loving memory of Jasper



“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”
–Helen Keller

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
–Mahatma Gandhi






We’re heartbroken to tell you that we lost our Lady/Princess Dax today. She came to us in 2002 as 2-year-old “Eloise” from the SPCA. One look at her told us that name had to be changed! She always had a “bugger off” kind of look that matched our personalities perfectly and as a strong female, we knew she need a strong female name (hence “Dax” from Star Trek).

We went to the SPCA for a male kitten, but the volunteer told us that Eloise was a wonderful cat; that she participated in Pet Therapy at various seniors’ homes and loved to sit on your lap. I have to say that she RARELY sat on our laps although she loved a good belly rub and she has certainly been wonderful pet therapy for us over the past 15 years.

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at The Caledonia Veterinary Clinic for taking such great care of her from beginning to end.

We will miss her greatly, as will her remaining furry siblings, but we know she’s more comfortable where she is … keeping Gramma Gill company!

R.I.P. Baby Dax.




Nikki Springsted (July 20, 2008 – Janurary 21, 2017) 

She was the perfect example of living life to the fullest, and nothing could stop her exuberant personality from bursting through. 
She was funny, gentle, caring and intuitive. She was also my sunshine, and my true best friend, and I miss her with all of my heart. 

Baby girl, I will always love you, and wherever you are, I hope that the pool is always open. XO 



On June 21, 2018, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Pookie.  She has been a special part of our lives for almost 16 years.  We first met her at just weeks old, small enough to hold in the palm of our hand.  And we felt an instant connection.   She became a lovable loyal companion.  She was very smart with a healthy appetite.  When it neared the hour, she would sit and watch the clock waiting for it to chime, knowing that the sound of the chimes meant her feeder would soon rotate with a meal.  Snacks were highly anticipated, not only her treats but ours as well.  At every chance, she would jump into our lap, with a paw on our arm, waiting for the next spoonful of ice-cream.  And popcorn parties were really fun.  She recognized the sound of the popcorn bag being opened and then indulging in the taste of the white cheddar cheese powder licked from our fingers.  Birthdays were extra special and she would get so excited whenever she heard the sound of a can of salmon, her favourite, being opened to mark the occasion while waiting patienty at our feet.  And Pookie liked routines, that was important.  She believed in starting the day early.  Early mornings became a routine of meows for Jimmy to get up to fill the feeders in anticipation of an extra helping of kibbles during the process.  Summers were the best, sitting in a lawn chair on the deck of our trailer, watching the daily flutter of birds, butterflies and passing bunnies.  And keeping Jimmy company throughout the week while mommy was at work.  The annual back and forth car rides to the trailer weren’t much fun though, it was always a very stressful experience but immediately forgotten at arrival.  And the stressful car rides to the vet for her annual checkups, no fun but soon forgotten when she saw her canine friends at the clinic.  She loved dogs, we think sometimes she may have thought she was a dog.  We chuckled when the staff booked her on the days for canine visits.   At age 8, she became a big sister to Chloe, our rescue feline.   Like siblings, they often wrestled on the floor, chased each other around the room but oftentimes just giving each other a lick in passing.  But as the years passed, we started to see changes in Pookie.  She was getting old and slowing down.  Walking was a challenge, feeling the effects of arthritic pain.  And then, starting to lose her eyesight.  But she never complained.  Every hug was always returned with many kisses.  But it got tougher.  Before long, her little body could not keep up anymore.  The day we dreaded the most arrived and we knew we had to say goodbye.  It was the hardest day for our little family.  We took her to see Dr Dan and we knew we had to do the right thing.  It was heartbreaking, we held her as she took her last breath and we said goodbye.  Coming home without her was very difficult.  Chloe was a positive distraction but she felt it too.  She misses her sister.  We have found comfort looking through the many pictures taken of her throughout the past 16 years, so many wonderful memories.  She was so special, a loyal friend, a companion, a big sister. We shared a love that was unconditional, she made us smile, she brought us joy when we were sad, she made us laugh.  Those memories are the moments that we will cherish forever, a reminder of the loving companion our Pookie was.  REST IN PEACE SWEET GIRL , GONE BUT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. XOXOXOXO


A very special thank you to Drs Hetram and Yeulett and all the staff at Caledonia Veterinary Clinic for looking after Pookie over the years.  We are so grateful for the utmost level of loving care provided at every visit.