Flea & Tick Prevention in BC

Did you know…

fleas and ticks can survive in Canada year round? Protect your pet by using preventative medication and regularly checking for fleas and ticks throughout the year. Pests that have found their way inside can survive and breed if left alone. If you don’t have an active prescription for preventative flea and tick medication, now is the time to schedule an appointment to protect your pet. 

Not only are fleas and ticks maddening with all the itching, they can also create problems in our pets. Some pets are allergic to their bites and end up with skin issues— fleas are also known for transmitting tapeworms. We can help! We carry a variety of flea/tick prevention products to suit your pet’s lifestyle and needs. These are prescriptions that we discuss during your pet’s annual wellness check up. 

If you notice symptoms such as excessive scratching or biting, red and irritated skin, or hair loss please let us know immediately and request an appointment.

It’s important to note…

While fleas and ticks are most common in temperatures above 4 degrees celsius, they can be found in BC year round. Make sure to regularly check your pets for fleas and ticks as they can fall off pets and latch to humans. 

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