In memory of Deby Watts. Deby with her dog

In Memory of Deby Watts

Deby Watts worked at Caledonia for 22 years as a client care specialist. She passed away in 2022 after a battle with breast cancer. Deby was the face of Caledonia and made a significant impact on our clients with her compassion, unflappable positive spirit and beautiful smile.

She is missed by all.

Deby always put others first and was a great supporter of our annual Farley Foundation Fundraisers. Deby was a member of the Therapeutic Paws of Canada with her Golden Retriever Olivia. She would go once a week to help children at our Caledonia Library in the reading program and other community events.

Some of our best memories involve Celebrations, Canada Day Parades, Halloween dress-up, summer staff parties, Christmas potlucks and secret Santa.