Kelly with her 3 dogs

Kelly, Assistant Practice Manager

Kelly has worked in the Veterinary Field since 1999. She joined our team in October 2010. Kelly is our Assistant Practice Manager and is happy to help out wherever she is needed.

She has always enjoyed learning about veterinary nutrition and is one of the clinic’s Nutrition Advisors. Kelly has a strong passion for supporting the human-animal bond and is also passionate about Pet Safety and Animal Bite Prevention through education.

Kelly, along with her family and the support of her clinic team, is an active puppy foster home for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. This includes basic training before the formal training and program assessment. Kelly’s first foster named Aero (which some of you may remember) is in the Diabetic Alert Program at Dog Guide University. Kelly’s family recently welcomed their second foster, another Standard Poodle and half-sister to Aero named Wonder.

On Kelly’s days off, she enjoys time with her husband and two sons. She enjoys nature walks with the dogs, music and grooming.