Cinder, grey clinic cat sitting on mat

Cinder, Clinic Cat

Vinny examined a little stray for a friend and client of ours on June 23, 2017, who was not able to keep this new little one.  He found that this kitten had lice and earmites, and then agreed to find a home for her.

Funny enough, it was Vinny who fell in love with this little grey furry sweetheart and decided that we could keep her as the back-up clinic cat.  It is usually the other way around, all of us begging Vinny to let us keep a cat for the clinic! The name `Cinder’ was easy for Lindsey to come up with because of the song from Cinderella that the mice sing in the movie; Cinder-stelly!

Cinder is wonderful; playful, cute and mischevious- all rolled into one lovely young cat.

She and Stella get along famously and keep the staff entertained with their antics.

She learned the Invisible Fence rules quickly and can be seen in the picture modeling her fancy collar!

Anytime you visit our clinic, if the cats are not sprawled on the front counter, you can just ask to see them.  We would be happy to find them for you and they would be happy for some lovin’!

Dr Isabel Hetram holding baby (kitten) Cinder
Cinder, clinic cat
Stella and Cinder play fighting
Cinder and Stella playing with thread
Cinder and Stella sitting in reception chairs